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Delhi takes commendable steps in health, governance

Delhi has taken a number of commendable steps in the areas of healthcare and governance. On the back of seven shortlisted projects, two of them in the impactful category, Delhi is categorised as Catching Up state in the 2019 SKOCH State of Governance ranking.

State Ranking over the last three years

Delhi has a complex governance system. It is scattered among the Centre, Delhi government and Municipal bodies. This makes the assessment of performance difficult. Being the national capital, issues related to governance in Delhi get wider attention of the political dispensation as well as the public.

Delhi has maintained high economic growth and the per capita income is among the highest. Delhi’s per capita income stood at Rs 3,65,529 for the fiscal 2018-19, this is almost three times more than the national average of Rs 1,25,397, as per the Economic Survey of Delhi 2018-19.

Urban Development63 
Sanitation 4 
Transport 7 
Municipal Governance  4
State’s Performance in different sectors in three years

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently claimed that his government policies have helped the NCT of Delhi better cope with the economic growth slowdown. “In this period of economic slowdown, the people of Delhi are not feeling the pinch as much because of the Delhi government’s schemes,” Kejriwal said at an industry event.

One of the key focus area of Kejriwal government is health. Out of the seven shortlisted projects from Delhi, four were from Health sector. One each belonged to urban development, governance and finance & revenue category.

Shelter Home Management

“We have decided to open a higher secondary school in every Panchayat in order to reduce fertility rate. We have found in a study that the country’s fertility rate is 1.7 while it is 1.6 in Bihar if the girl is intermediate pass.”
Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister

Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board has introduced Shelter Home Management system with an objective to provide shelter to homeless people in the city in a transparent manner. The new system ensures fast and automated communication. It has led to saving of a lot of time, money, resources and lives of several homeless people.

Waste Management Practices

Guru Gobind Singh Government Hospital has adopted innovative waste management practices. It has introduced a comprehensive scientific approach to the process of waste generation, handling, storage, transport, treatment and final disposal of waste. For awareness purpose the hospital has put pictorial self explanatory posters at strategic places depicting colour coding, segregation, steps of hand hygiene, moments of hand hygiene, spill management protocols and dilutions of chemical disinfectants among others.

Ayurveda Hospital and College

Ch Brahm Prakash Ayurved Charak Sansthan has set up an autonomous Ayurvedic medical college and hospital. The institute is spread over a 95-acres of lush green eco-friendly campus with total built up area of 47,150 sq meters in the national capital.

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