State of Governance 2021 Report Card

West Bengal Ranks #2 in SKOCH State of Governance 2021

West Bengal maintains a spot in the Top 3 for fourth year in a row.

West Bengal ranks #2 in SoG21
17 March, 2022 State of Governance
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West Bengal has come to be synonymous with robust, people-first governance. It is an administration that has quickly and dramatically turned the tide around under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s leadership – or Didi, as she’s lovingly referred to by her people.

Didi’s government has battled historic challenges of labour uprisings, strikes and Communism-tinged resistance to commercial expansion. The promise of industrial, economic, infrastructural and technological development have earned the state a place amongst heavy-hitters like Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

West Bengal’s performance in the SKOCH State of Governance review in recent years tells a story of determined governance, with some ups and downs. The state ranked #1 overall in 2018, but fell to #3 in 2019 and 2020 before climbing up to #2 in 2021. Could this recent improvement spell a return to the #1 spot for 2022?

Improvement Areas

#1 in Skill Development

West Bengal has improved its rank from #2 in 2020 to #1 in 2021. The E-Learning (Response to COVID) project and Online Proctored Examination for Polytechnics are two of the most impactful projects ranked in the sector.

West Bengal has also shown improvement in District Administration (#14 in 2020 to #9 in 2021), Governance (General Administration) (#6 in 2020 to #4 in 2021) – the Duare Sarkar project is an important initiative.

The Municipal Governance (#4 in 2020 to #3 in 2021) is showing a steady incline.

New Frontiers

#1 in Forest & Environment

The effort for Protection of Coastal Districts of West Bengal with Mangrove & Associate Species plantation has been a remarkable project.

West Bengal has also broken new ground in the Animal Husbandry & Fisheries segment. The Development of Live Attenuated Thermostable Lentogenic Strain Newcastle Disease Vaccine is helping transform the sector in the state.


Education is #1 in 2021

West Bengal makes a comeback in Education from #5 in 2017 to #1 in 2021. Banglar Shiksha 3.0 and Banglar Uchchashiksha are two projects that have made the news and are changing the Education landscape in the state.

The state also makes a comeback in Agriculture, Food & Civil Supplies, Tourism & Culture and Urban Development. It has attained a rank in the Top-5 in Rural Development after no performance for the same in previous year. The Women Land Literacy Training programme by the West Bengal State Rural Livelihoods Mission, deserves a mention.

Consistent Good Governance

West Bengal continues to shine in the sectors of Transport and Ease-of-Doing Business. In both niches, the state ranked #1 in 2020 and continues to hold the top spot in 2021.

For Transport, the South Bengal State Transport Corporation Vision- 2025 project is a significant effort to augment the state’s transport infrastructure.

The Silpasathi – Single Window System is a transformative project from the Ease-of-Doing Business sector. The Department of MSME & Textiles, West Bengal, initiated several impactful projects including Auto-Renewal of Certificate of Enlistment through Online System for all Urban Areas of the State, e-Nathikaran – e-Preparation and e-submission of deeds and Online Issuance of Trade License in Rural Areas in the state.

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