State of Governance 2017 Report Card

Chhattisgarh: Giving a Push to Urban Sanitation, Sustainability

The Government and urban local bodies in Chhattisgarh have taken a number of measures to promote urban development by making cities more sustainable and livable.

The Government and urban local bodies in Chhattisgarh have taken a number of measures to promote urban development by making cities more sustainable and livable. Chhattisgarh bagged 10 SKOCH Orders-of-Merit and two awards; one Gold and one in Silver category. Chhattisgarh is categorised as PERFORMER in this year’s SKOCH State of Governance study.

Key Achievements

Chhattisgarh won seven SKOCH Ordersof- Merit and one award in Municipal Governance segment. The state bagged two Orders-of-Merit and one award in Women & Child Development and one SKOH Order-of- Merit in District Administration segment.

Raipur Smart City Limited has implemented an Intelligent Traffic Management System, with a view to lower the congestion from the prime thoroughfares of the city and to diminish the rate of accidents that occur due to negligence of traffic rules. The Intelligent Traffic Management System has made travel in the city easier and safer.

It is generally very difficult to find toilets in public places, as a result people are forced to urinate and defecate in the open. Even big restaurants and mall owners would ask their customers to go find a toilet somewhere outside or the toilets they have in their premises are so unclean and filthy that customers helplessly had to make a choice they don’t want to. Keeping this in mind, Raipur Municipal Corporation has launched a campaign called ‘Toilet My Right’. A message is spread through the social media and other communication channels that every commercial building in Raipur, whether it is a restaurant, office or a shopping complex, must have a toilet on their campus. If a customer is denied the toilet facility or been asked to find it outside or cleanliness standards are not maintained, he/she can directly complain to the Municipal Corporation authorities using #ToiletMyRight on Twitter or Facebook.

Municipal Corporation Durg has implemented e-Governance across different departments with a wide spectrum of activities and with varying levels of readiness. Under this initiative, it offers a variety of IT services to citizens in an efficient and economical manner and to strengthen the relationship between government and citizens using technology.

Municipal Corporation Durg has launched an innovative measure of cleaning local ponds with the help of duck farming. The project started with a pond located near fish market that used to be very dirty. The initiative has not only helped in elimination of the waste of the pond but has also made it beautiful, attracting local visitors & tourists.

Department of Women and Child Development has launched Shuchita Yojana with an objective to provide easy access to low cost and hygienic sanitary napkins and create awareness amongst adolescent girls by installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines and Incinerator in the schools located in the remote districts of the state. Under Sanskar Abhiyan, the government ensures good quality early childhood care for children below six years of age.

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