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Sam's Agenda

  • Sam’s Agenda

    “The true meaning of public-private partnership is not limited to the role of private sector as providing hardware and software....

  • UID can Transform Governance

    After a lot of discussion and debate, the UID project is now moving forward. In mid- December, the Unique Identification...

  • Step to Include All

    The need for creating an identification system that uniquely identifies a person, and ensures instant identity verification is urgent and...

  • Speeding Digital Inclusion

    The digital divide is a challenge of both access and the ability to effectively use information and communications technologies. Thus,...

Corporate Viewpoint

Identity Management for A Secure State

Identity management has for long been an important work area for governments and state-run enterprises; it has implications on their...

Leveraging IT for Reducing Costs, Benefiting Poor

Let's for example take some of the e-governance applications in..

State-of-the-Art Security

Siemens has been able to tailor global best practices into..

Access for All in Bharat & India

Nelson Mandela couldn't have been more apt even in today's..


Infrastructure, Finance and Governance Agenda

Let's for example take some of the e-governance applications in India. A data model is built for NREGS for 25+...

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