State of Governance 2023 Report Card

Jammu & Kashmir (UT) #13 in the SKOCH State of Governance 2023

Jammu & Kashmir (UT) ranks #13 nationally in the SKOCH State of Governance Report 2023.


  • Jammu & Kashmir (UT) ranks #13 nationally in the SKOCH State of Governance Report 2023.
  • A Total of 10 well-performing projects qualified for Deeper Study, out of which 3 were impactful projects.
  • State performed very well in 6 categories.
    1. Has shown maximum improvement in the General Administration, Finance, District Governance and Rural Development categories nationally.
    2. Participating for the first time in the Environment category and entered in the top 10 nationally.
  • District Governance and Health submit a larger number of projects for evaluation. Out of these, several well-performing projects are qualified as impactful projects.
  • Key achievements
    1. Jammu & Kashmir (UT) bags 10 SKOCH Orders-of-Merit in the SKOCH State of Governance Awards 2023.
    2. Almost half of these are in the Health and District Governance categories.
    3. The state won 4 awards – three in GOLD and one in the SILVER category.

Governance Score of Top 10 States 2023

  • Jammu & Kashmir (UT) ranks #13 in 2023.

Comparison of States 2014-19 & 2020-23

Sector With Maximum Improvement

General Administration28
Rural Development34
District Governance618
  • Jammu & Kashmir (UT) ranks #2 in General Administration in 2023 nationally.
  • In Finance and Rural Development, Jammu & Kashmir (UT) improved its rank from #4 to #2 in 2023 respectively.
  • Jammu & Kashmir (UT) improves in District Governance from #18 in 2022 to #6 in 2023 nationally.

First Time Participants Getting National Rank

  • Even though participating for the first time, Jammu & Kashmir (UT) ranks #3 in the Environment category nationally.


What needs to be DONE in 2024?

  • 50+ well-performing projects required to rank in the top 10 states.
  • Alternatively, a higher number of Platinum and Gold performances can improve the ranking.
  • Incremental improvements in previously evaluated/awarded projects can be submitted.
  • Multiple projects from one department can be submitted.
  • Most states have a large number of projects at the District and Municipal levels.
  • Most states tend to retain or improve their annual ranks.
  • Police and Power & Energy tend to submit a larger number of projects.

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