State of Governance 2023 Report Card

Gujarat ranks #5 in the SKOCH State of Governance 2023

Gujarat ranks #5 nationally in the SKOCH State of Governance Report 2023

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  • Gujarat ranks #5 nationally in the SKOCH State of Governance Report 2023.
  • A Total of 30 well-performing projects qualified for Deeper Study, out of which 8 were highly impactful and 8 were impactful projects.
  • State performed very well in 12 categories.
    1. Tops in Ease-of-doing business, Power & Energy and Environment categories nationally.
    2. Has shown maximum improvement in the Health and Transport categories.
    3. Participating first time in the Animal Husbandry & Fisheries category and entered in the top 10 nationally.
    4. Recovers in Tourism Category.
  • Power & Energy, Health and Ease of doing business categories submit a larger number of projects for evaluation. Out of these, several well-performing projects are qualified as highly impactful and impactful projects.
  • Key achievements
    1. Gujarat bags 30 SKOCH Orders-of-Merit in the SKOCH State of Governance Awards 2023.
    2. Almost half of these are in Health, Power and Ease of doing business.
    3. Five SKOCH Orders-of-Merit are in the District Governance category.
    4. The state won two SKOCH Orders-of-Merit in the General Administration category.
    5. The state won 16 awards – seven in GOLD and seven in the SILVER category.

Governance Score of Top 10 States 2023

  • Gujarat ranks #5 in 2023.

Comparison of States 2014-19 & 2020-23

Sector With Maximum Improvement

Ease of Doing Business16
  • Gujarat tops in Ease-of-doing business category nationally.
  • In Health, Gujarat improves its rank from #3 to #2 in 2023.
  • In Transport, the state improves from #5 to #4 in 2023.

Sectors with Consistent Good Governance

Power & Energy11
  • Gujarat tops and maintains its rank in Environment and Power & Energy categories nationally.

Sectors with Comeback

  • Gujarat makes a comeback and ranks #2 in Tourism category nationally.

First Time Participants Getting National Rank

Animal Husbandry & Fisheries1
  • Even though participating for the first time, Gujarat ranks in the top position in Animal Husbandry & Fisheries category.
  • Transport, Tourism, Health, General Administration, Environment, Easo of doing business, Agriculture and District governance are the sectors that have seen enhanced focus in 2023.
  • Gujarat has shown a decline in the score and its rank & reach #5 in 2022.

What needs to be DONE in 2024?

  • 100+ well-performing projects required to become #1 in the SKOCH State of Governance Report 2024.
  • Alternatively, a higher number of Platinum and Gold performances can improve the ranking.
  • Incremental improvements in previously evaluated/awarded projects can be submitted
  • Multiple projects from one department can be submitted.
  • Most states have a large number of projects at the District and Municipal levels.
  • Most states tend to retain or improve their annual ranks.
  • Police and Power & Energy tend to submit a larger number of projects.

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