State of Governance 2021 Report Card

Chhattisgarh Ranks #14 in SKOCH State of Governance 2021

Chhattisgarh is #14 in SKOCH State of Governance 2021.

Chhattisgarh ranks #14 in SoG21
19 April, 2022 State of Governance
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Chhattisgarh has ranked #14 for the SKOCH State of Governance 2021 report card. The Top 5 states are classified as ‘Star’ states. The next five states are classified as ‘Performer’ states. The five ranks after that, from #11 to #15, are the ‘Catching Up’ state. And so, Chhattisgarh is Catching Up state for 2021.

The state experienced a serious setback from 2018 to 2019, when it fell from the #6 rank in 2018 to the #18 rank in 2019. The state dropped another three spots, to the #21 rank in 2020. However, while there is still quite a ways to go for Chhattisgarh to be able to return to its former performance record, the state seems to be turning the tide around with its most recent performance. In 2021, the state has progressed seven places by climbing up to the #14 rank.

Chhattisgarh’s improved ranking is credited to a strong performance in the Cooperation sector, where it tied for #1 with three other states, and also its #3 ranking in both Agriculture and Labour.

Sectors with Maximum Improvement - Chhattisgarh




District Administration



• In District Administration, Chhattisgarh has improved its rank from No 21 in 2020 to No 8 in 2021

Sectors with Comeback - West Bengal



Municipal Governance


• In Municipal Governance, Chhattisgarh has make comeback in ranks to No 11 in 2021

First Time Participants Getting National Rank - Chhattisgarh







• Even though participating for the first time, some sectors of West Bengal are ranked in the top positions.
• The state was ranked No 3 in Agriculture, No 1 in Cooperation and No 3 in Labour

Impactful Projects for State of Governance 2021 - Chhattisgarh

Project NameOrganisationCategoryBeacons of Hope Project Link
Aarohan BPO CenterDistrict Administration RajnandgaonDistrict AdministrationView Page
Artistry of Hand Still AliveMunicipal Corporation RajnandgaonMunicipal GovernanceView Page
Development, Operation and Maintenance of Ethanol Project Through PPP ModeCooperation Department - Government of ChhattisgarhCooperationView Page
e-Shramik SewaLabour Department, Government of ChhattisgarhLabourView Page
Gaudhan Nyay YojanaDepartment of Agriculture Development and Farmer Welfare and Biotechnology, Government of ChhattisgarhAgricultureView Page
Integrated Child Development ServicesWomen and Child Develpoment Department, GeedamDistrict AdministrationView Page
Promoting Financial Services in Naxal Hotbed District BijapurDistrict Administration BijapurDistrict AdministrationView Page
Promoting Livelihood through Traditional Forest ProduceDistrict Administration BijapurDistrict AdministrationView Page
Satrenga- Boat Club & ResortDistrict Administration KorbaDistrict AdministrationView Page

SKOCH State of Governance – Research Methodology

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