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Jharkhand 2020: District Administrations Lead Good Governance Initiatives

District administrations led the good governance initiatives in Jharkhand during 2020.
Several innovative measures were taken during the district administrations to deal
with the challenges arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jharkhand, which is the 15th largest state by area, and the 14th largest by population
in the country, has maintained its position steady in the ‘Catching Up’ category. A
new government led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren completed one year in office
on 29 December. Soren has deployed new technologies and social media to improve
governance. Following are some of the noteworthy good governance projects
implemented in the state.

Bori Bandh

There is huge scarcity of water in the hilly terrain in Chotanagpur Plateau of
Jharkhand. Khunti district located in the region faces the problem of water scarcity
frequently. Khunti district administration has taken measures to address water
scarcity problem through community participation through a low cost high value Bori
Bandh initiative.

Under this initiative a dam like structure have been created using locally available
sources. The initiative has helped in mitigating issue of ground water recharge during
dry season and provide readily available water for nearby agricultural land, creation
of livelihood source from fisheries and duck farming and as a source of fresh water
for forest life. The project has been implemented with community participation which
ensures that everyone in the community has a stake in the created asset and reduces
the labour cost to nil.

Project Aangan

Chatra District Administration has taken a slew of a measures to improve the health
and nutrition of women and children. Project Aangan has been introduced to improve
the services provided under Aaganwadi. The project has resulted in substantial
improvement in the facilities at the Anganwadi centers. Now Aaganwadi centres in
the district have all the basic facilities, which are available in modern private play
schools in urban areas. The facilities include Integrated Learning materials (ILM),
Information and Communications Technology-enabled teaching and learning, toys,
vinyl floors, well decorated and painted walls, uniforms for children, nutritious and
healthy food, and complete child friendly environment, where the tiny tots gets ample
opportunity to enjoy their early phase of education.

Swasth Ranchi

With an objective of improving the maternal health, District Administration Ranchi

has introduced an initiative called Swasth Ranchi. It seeks to create an enabling
environment where every women get quality health services, combat anemia and
have safer experience during the pregnancy.

Model Village

In order to ensure holistic development of backward rural areas West Singhbhum
district administration has implemented a project called ‘Model Village’. It works on
the method of convergence which includes 14 line department for the progress of the
village. All initiates comes from the bottom of approach that is from village folks to
district administration.

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