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Karnataka: Pushes for e-Governance in Municipalities, Transport

Karnataka has pushed forward several groundbreaking good governance initiatives in municipalities and transportation. The state bagged 13 SKOCH Orders-of-Merit and three awards. All the three awards were in Silver category. The highest number of awards went to Municipalities. Five SKOCH Orders-of-Merit were conferred in Municipal Governance segment, while four went to Transport. Municipalities bagged two awards in Silver category. Four SKOCH Order-of-Merit and one award in Silver category went to e-Governance segment.

Key Achievements

Municipalities in Karnataka have taken a number of initiatives to improve cleanliness and public safety. City Corporation Kalaburagi has introduced technological interventions, which have improved sanitation activities, road maintenance, street light maintenance and other services crucial for public safety and convenience. Technological interventions made to improve Solid Waste Management activities – attendance of sanitation workers using Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (BAS), tracking of waste dumping at landfill site using GPS-enabled application and usage of social media (WhatsApp) for effective grievance redressal. The characteristic feature of this system is that the sanitation workers’ wages are directly linked to BAS. Introduction of astronomical timers has reduced the wastage of power.

Town Panchayat Alnavar has worked proactively to ensure the construction of household individual toilets. The initiative is aimed to make the Town totally sanitised, healthy and liveable to ensure and sustain good public health and environmental outcomes for all the citizens with a special focus on hygienic and affordable sanitation facilities for the urban poor, especially women. The Town Panchayat is also running a comprehensive campaign to bring in behavioural change among the common people regarding the use of toilets, as there are several instances where toilets are made but not used.

Mysuru City Corporation has launched the first public bicycle sharing system in India. The new initiative named “TrinTrin” is aimed to promote the use of bicycle as a healthy and environment friendly mode of transportation. Cycling offers a fast and cheap transportation option for short distance trips, with smaller carbon and physical footprint than driving a car. Cycling offers many benefits to the problem of urban mobility. By consuming considerably less non-renewable natural resources than motorised transport modes, it is one of the most sustainable and efficient transportation modes for trips of distance up to 5 km.

Government of Karnataka in collaboration with National Informatics Centre has introduced Samrakshane, a workflowbased application for management of Crop Insurance scheme in the state. It handles all the requirements of Crop Insurance from enrolment of farmers to claim calculations and final settlement of claims.

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has introduced intelligent transport system with Mobile App.

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