SKOCH announces India Law Forum

ILF 2022 will begin on 20 April & end on 14 May.

27 April, 2022 News
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April 18, New Delhi: SKOCH Group today announced the India Law Forum (ILF) for year 2022. The forum will be the first-of-its-kind platform to bring India’s leading legal luminaries, the government, the judiciary, practitioners of law and the legal fraternity, at the intersection of law and life. The forum will be organized from 20th April to 14 May and will see the participation of the who’s who of the legal fraternity.

SKOCH (ILF) is an independent platform for change-makers, committed to bringing about a transformative change to the nation through law and legal reform. ILF 22 will focus on the impact of law and legislation on businesses and individuals. This is an attempt to understand the impact of law on real life and the aim is to improve the outcomes through dialogue, debate and deliberations.

For more information, visit the India Law Forum website.


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