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Synd e-Passbook is a mobile application where a user can view the electronic version of passbook for CASA accounts online or offline—in his/her smart phone.

01 April, 2016 Case Studies, Technology
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Synd e-Passbook is a mobile application where a user can view the electronic version of passbook for CASA accounts online or offline—in his/her smart phone. Account details, statement, view settings can be easily accessed by the user with utmost convenience. No need to visit branch, no need to fill-in lengthy application forms. Just download the App and key-in Customer-ID and Mobile Number. An OTP is sent to your mobile number if the combination is valid. Enter the OTP and submit. You will be prompted to have your own personal MPIN. Provide the same and you get registered. Synd e-Passbook is now in your palm, ready to use with full features. You can view your account, get account detail via email, you can share account detail through SMS, e-mail, twitter or WhatsApp. You can also add personalised remarks to transactions. Currently Synd e-Passbook is available on all the platforms, viz, Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry.


Maintaining physical passbook have the following challenges:

  • Requires a visit to Branch for updating the passbook entries.
  • Branch needs to dedicate one Clerk for Passbook printing.
  • Results in queues and consequent delays.
  • Printer has movable parts, hence more frequent failures, viz, illegible, hazy repetitive prints, which results in customer dissatisfaction.


The objective is to provide convenience to bank’s customers. It is also targeted to reduce the unnecessary footfalls at the bank branches just to get latest updates on the operative accounts. Synd e-Passbook gives you the comfort of getting all detail on the move and at your leisure. Synd e-Passbook has become one of the most downloaded Banking Apps on the Google Play App Store. This has proven once again that “simpler the application, higher the usability index by the user.” This innovation is cost effective, adaptive and easy to use.


Synd e-Passbook has many advantages to customers over a physical passbook. It has the following features:

  • General Features
    • Get the account statement anywhere, anytime.
    • Traditional passbook view with complete customer and account information. Also, can view transactions in ascending or descending order
    • Multiple accounts views.
    • View transaction updates on a real-time basis.
    • Supports offline mode usability
    • Share the account information on a single click with business/personal contacts via SMS, email, Whatsapp or twitter
    • Has bilingual support with English and Hindi.
  • Unique Features
    • Synd e-Passbook provides a unique facility to add your own remarks like groceries, rent etc to any/all transactions. This helps recollecting the purpose of each expenditure and the source for each credit entry.
    • Also, it allows to sort, filter or search transactions on various parameters such as type of transaction & amount with simple user friendly operations.

Best of all, it is a win-win situation for both the bank and its customers who are enjoying enhanced mobile banking experience.

Syndicate Bank has the roadmap to add more features to Synd e-Passbook to make it even more customer friendly like accounts view for multiple Customer-IDs, personal ledger maintenance and support of Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati and Marathi languages.

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