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Dr Gursharan Dhanjal

Through this Special Edition of INCLUSION, I am pleased to share the SKOCH State of Governance Report and Ranking 2018. This definitive and most comprehensive ranking and analysis of Indian States and Union Territories give deep insights into the governance best practices, challenges, impact at the ground level and most importantly, how progressive, action and vision-oriented chief ministers are leading their states to development and betterment of their people.

It was such a proactive vision for the people of Gujarat that Narendra Modi championed during his thirteen years at the helm of the state. That vision and implementation of governance best practices became the foundation of the now famous Gujarat model of governance which was captured in Sameer Kochhar’s bestseller, ModiNomics. In large part, success in Gujarat pitchforked him to the centre stage when he became the Prime Minister in 2014. Almost five years later, today, on the eve of another national election in 2019, charismatic state supremos from diverse regions of West Bengal, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka are studying and envisioning how they can replicate Modi’s Gujarat success in 2019.

All this and more are captured in this edition of INCLUSION. While the lead story gives an overview of how various and varied states are energising their regions through governance practices in municipalities, agriculture, healthcare, rural development, women empowerment and citizen services, we have used our robust, time-tested and unique methodology to capture thousands of pages of primary data and information right from the grassroots. This makes the SKOCH Report and Ranking distinct and different from all other rankings in this genre.

The states have been categorised as the Stars, Performers and Catching-up. In our deep-dive analysis West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh stand out and so do the leadership of the chief ministers of these two states. Rajasthan and Telangana are close contenders in the top club. These states have made a definitive difference.

I believe that this Report will become a reference point for the various stakeholders for national and states governance are paramount. This will be useful for lawmakers, state governments, policy makers, academia, corporates, nonprofits, multinational investors and research students.

Jai Hind!

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