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While the traditional way of sending messages has its relevance in personal life or for communicating within a small group of people, A2P Messaging or Application to Person Messaging is important for large scale business communication. The message in this case is generated through a business application and not from an individual’s mobile phone like in case of P2P Messaging. Some of the examples of A2P SMS include sending out bank notifications, critical alerts, booking/reservation confirmation or product promotion notifications to improve communication with customers. Banking institutions were one of the early users of A2P Messaging, which used to provide notifications regarding withdrawal, transfer of money into another account, balance notifications etc. The A2P Messaging space is expected to reach $12 trillion by 2017.

RouteSMS Solutions Ltd is a Messaging and Voice API Company. Started in 2004, RouteSMS’ indigenous messaging platform clubbed with the direct connect with operators makes it an effective partner in this space for enterprises and operators alike. RouteSMS currently processes 1.4 billion SMS’ per month. While it works with 8 major operators in India, it is connected with 110 operators worldwide. RouteSMS messaging platform has a scalable architecture with hardware virtualisation, load balancing between multiple networks for enhanced SMS delivery efficiency and higher security, which involves LINUX machines and SMS delivery on secured protocol with 256-bit encryption. The company adheres to TRAI guidelines and maintains complete confidentiality of client database. Ninety five per cent of the company’s turnover is through Enterprise Messaging Solution while VoIP and other services make up for the rest 5 per cent.


In a country like India, the problem of data loss because of poor connectivity still persists. Thus, it poses a challenge to any organisation, which relies on quality SMS delivery routes for an extended global reach. In order to become commercially successful the originator of the message should have the option to send messages across as many mobile networks as required. But due to poor operator connectivity and resistance shown by telecom companies because of a dip in traditional text messaging revenues, sending A2P Messages can prove to be expensive.

Another major challenge is prevalence of different laws and regulations on A2P Messaging. In India, TRAI has set up a number of guidelines to be followed before an organisation takes up the route of A2P Messaging. For example, no messages can be delivered between 9 PM to 9 AM; a person registered with ‘Do Not Call Registry’ cannot receive messages sent by marketing companies. Apart from these, carriers all over the world follow their own compliance requirements. Thus, one has to keep up with changes in rules and regulations across the countries in which it has its business operations so that it does not commit to any activity which may be deemed illegal by the law of the land.


RouteSMS understood the need to develop better relationship with telecom operators and put up a dedicated team towards establishing a more direct connect with operators. This enabled their clients to take up the A2P Messaging Service and increased their connect with the customers.

The company also modified its platform as per the needs of local regulation. Constant efforts are made to ensure that the guidelines are not violated and neither the generator of the message nor the marketing company are pulled up for flouting rules.

RouteSMS has business set up across various cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and also has a global presence in countries like Canada, UK, UAE, Nigeria and Congo. With a strong team of 250+, RouteSMS provides effective and economical solutions worldwide to over 18,000 clients through its carrier grade platform.

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