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Letter from the Editor »
There has long been debate about whether the role of the State is that of ‘enabler’ or ‘manager’. You may wonder why I am bringing it to the table again. But bear with me.  Few would disagree that there are some minimal features of the State that are necessary for the upkeep of a society in ....read more

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 Real Time Tracker

e-Taal Focuses On Outcome Orientation

From land records or registration to registering a new birth and getting an affidavit for income, all e-transactions in the country are now captured by the web portal e-Taal. Developed by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), the portal aggregates and analyses the transaction statistics of central and state level e-governance projects, including Mission Mode Projects, on a real-time basis.

The Role of
Corporate Governance
Nurturing of right values, a helpful overall structure and individual initiative and willingness to sacrifice one’s time and money are three imperatives to fight corruption and enable development, says Prabhu Guptara

Feature »
Health Insurance Market In India & National Insurance
Changing demographics, rising healthcare costs, limited healthcare financing, increasing government focus, and potential increase in FDI limit are factors expected to give a fillip to the currently low penetration of health insurance in India.

Book Review »
Everyman''s War:
Strategy, Security and terrorism in India
By Raghu Raman
Reviewed by Dr Gursharan Dhanjal
Consider a few facts: for a nation that has fought major wars and is embroiled in scores of skirmishes and insurgencies on a continuous basis, most Indians know surprisingly little about defence and national security

  Exclusive »

'Good Governance Impeded by Votebank Politics'

The Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has become the cynosure of the nation. While till recently the debate had been on the politics of Modi, it was his economic views and development agenda that the Inclusion team focused on during the three days it spent in Gujarat. Excerpts from an interview with Sameer Kochhar – before Modi was declared the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate – which gives an insight into what makes the Gujarat strongman the force he is ...read more

Why Have Some Done Better Than Others?
Despite good achievement on the growth front, India faces significant challenges as its social indicators continue to lag behind. Mere increase in the social sector expenditure would not be enough, says NC Saxena 
Devolution of Powers And The Panchayats
Despite many well-thought out guidelines and detailed advisories, and messages from the Prime Minister, the pace of devolution of powers to the panchayats has been slow and patchy, says Sudha Pillai 
Need for New Technology
There is an urgent need to move farmers away from chemical fertilisers, especially nitrate-based. Another essential step is to make rural financial outlets more pro-poor and farmer-friendly, says K G Karmakar
Trends in Poverty and Inequality
The debate on growth and inequality is not about choosing one. Growth not only provides employment, but also finances social schemes. The focus should be on removing obstacles to social mobility, suggests Rajesh Shukla 
The State(s) of Corruption
Corruption is a major hurdle in development. Proper implementation of anti-corruption strategies at the State-level is key to overcome this hurdle. Some States have shown the path, say Laveesh Bhandari and Minakshi Chakraborty 
Have States and Cities Improved After Jnnurm
The JNNURM reflects a significant shift in
public policy towards delivery of urban
services. Funding asset creation has to go
hand-in-hand with improved management of assets, says M Ramachandran

Bundle Urban Development With Agenda Of Growth
Growth cannot happen if conditions are not created in which people can innovate and be productive. We need to make our cities livable and attractive for innovators and investors, says Isher Judge Ahluwalia

Policy Coherence Will Make It Easy For MSMEs
There is a need to work in partnership with the business, to understand their problems and to leverage their capacities and capabilities to improve governance, writes Madhav Lal

Its Time For Economic Statesmanship
Higher growth can be achieved if there is speedy completion of ongoing projects and critical inputs like coal or power are resolved, says C Rangarajan

Replicate Good Governance Models
Innovation is good but only in a certain context; it is not equivalent to upsetting the apple-cart and trying to start all over, comments J Satyanarayana

Process Re-Engineering Must To Derive Benefits
Game scalability is going to be very critical – the need of the times is to pay more attention to process re-engineering, standardisation, collaboration and on new technology with cloud computing, opines Sam Pitroda

The Quality Of Follow-Up Is Important
The economic development in the 21st century depends on implementation of policies, programmes and projects. That, in turn, depends on how effectively we follow-up, asserts Prajapati Trivedi

Balance Is The Key To Better Delivery
There’s a need to balance all segments and have an overall view to sustain and deliver smart governance, says Zohra Chatterji

Time To Think Boldly
Having learnt from the experiences in the past seven years of National e-Governance Plan, the next phase should be to ‘consolidate, refine, standardise, replicate and share’, says Karan Bajwa

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Economists Agonize Over a ModiNomics Budget
Atul K Thakur
The new government’s preferences are akin to the developmental thinking of Prime Minister, who puts priority on top and work on that. As clearly visible, the budget underlined some of the key visions configured in the first chapter from ModiNomics...
...read more  
On Budget»
A Budget for Rural India
K G Karmakar
This budget is not about financial markets, not about reforms, not about kick- starting the economy and is also not about banking reforms and what have you. This is a solid budget for Rural India and if the rural economy is safe, India’s economic growth is not in doubt. This budget is aimed largely at Rural India and we need to look at it from a rural perspective and it begins to make sound economic sense. There are a whole lot of goodies for the rural sector, analyses K G Karmakar
...read more  
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Q & A »
Indian Financial Sector on the Edge of a Precipice says Yashwant Sinha
Excerpts from an interview with Sameer Kochhar, Editor-in-Chief, INCLUSION
Question: What do you think of India’s financial sector performance?
Answer: We are really on the edge of a precipice in India as far as the financial sector is concerned. A declining, decelerating economy has created enormous problems for our public sector banks ...read more  

Feedback »
Feedback - Inclusion:
Effective Leadership Is The Answer

The article by Mr Tarapore on the 'Financial problems of MSMEs' is an excellent piece, a well researched one.  RBI, SIDBI et al should look at the issues flagged by the author and see that the MSME sector gets better deal. As he has mentioned it is more a 'glamour' in lending to larger units than MSMEs. See the way every banker has walked in to lend to King Fisher Airlines which has left a huge NPA of over Rs.7000 crore with very little hope of recovering it from the owners. Recently, the newspaper report mentions that the CBI when approached the SBI, the consortium banker to provide certain information on KFA, the latter had refused to do so. The RBI has also not taken any forensic study to see if any complicity in financing such large units. It is sad its own representatives are on the Boards of these banks which have lent huge loans to KFA and others. It is sad to see that Mr Mallaya is happily watching the IPL matches cheer-leading his cricket team while 1000s of KFA employees are in the lurch without any pay for months on. Will RBI listen to the cries of common man? 
Dr S Santhanam PhD(Eco), CAIIB General Manager (Retd), NABARD & Consultant - Development Finance Pune

Feedback - Inclusion:
Ideas for Growth, October-December 2013

I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Manohar Parrikar, Chief Minister, Goa

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